We look forward to seeing you on 7 May 2017 in Denver, Colorado!

The FoodCHI workshop will bring together HCI researchers, designers, and practitioners to discuss the interplay between the various components of the food system, how we can create sustainable food systems, and how we may design technologies for a sustainable food system. There are three goals for this workshop:

  • Exploring the roles and implications of information technologies on and in a sustainable food system.
  • Designing techniques and adapting design paradigms to specific components of a sustainable food system.
  • Reflecting on the landscape of design work and core opportunities for design within a sustainable food system.

We invite papers, pictorials, and posters that present research on sustainability challenges in the food system. Selected authors of papers and pictorials will be invited to present a 7-15 minute talk on their work. There are three criteria for submission:

  • Explore the food system: gardening and agriculture; cooking and food processing; food access, distribution, and logistics; eating and consumption; and waste management.
  • Consider any associated sustainability challenges: environmental issues; human health; social repercussions; economic effects; or technical feasibility.
  • Have a core contribution to the HCI community.

Papers must be in the CHI Extended Abstract format and be no more than 2 pages long, not including references.

Pictorials must be in the CHI Extended Abstract format, and no more than 5 pages, not including references. The first page of the submission should include the submission’s title, author(s), and a written abstract of no more than 100 words succinctly describing the background and context of the pictorial as well as its contribution to the workshop. The main part of the submission should be an annotated visual composition and the Extended Abstract format can be used creatively. Pictorials from DIS 2016 [1] are examples of what we are looking for.

Posters should be a minimum of 24 inches by 36 inches or 60 cm by 90 cm, but can be as large as the participant is willing to print out and bring to the workshop. Poster should also meet accessibility guidelines [2].

At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop, and all participants must register for the workshop and at least one day of the ACM CHI 2017 conference. Please direct questions and submissions to Juliet: organizers@foodchi.org

Our organizational goal is to encourage participation and for all community members to take ownership of the workshop. Therefore, we also invite participation as a discussant: while you can simply register for the workshop, a discussant would have the opportunity to sign up to moderate sessions, review submissions, and engage in selected program activities. Register your intent to be a discussant here:

Early submission: 19 December 2016
Early acceptance: 23 December 2016

Normal submission: 31 January 2017
Final acceptance: 24 February 2017

Discussant signup deadline: 31 March 2017

[1] http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2901790&CFID=863374855&CFTOKEN=77765337
[2] http://www.apha.org/events-and-meetings/annual/presenter-information/poster-session-guidelines/accessible-poster-presentations